Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,

exquisite as color of night in all the passion

to be captured in flower of thine sexuality

to adorn garden of womanhood enchanted

by fragrance of our desire

as honey lends sweetness to palate

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,

to be savored by taste of mine

for thee as lust of my desires

feasts upon juices of paradise

to quench thirst whilst passions

spray flower of woman with perfume

of lust to elevate senses

for tempestuous storms to rage

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,

it be with fiery kiss that black rose

welcome root of mine to her paradise

as rich lips with tenderness

encounter desire of mine

in strong embrace whilst root of mine

makes way ever emergent in our wishes

whilst desires flood her garden of wild beauty

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,

ever sensuous decoration of thine femininity

as we make journey through out lands a far

in romantic escapades of wild carnality

nay aware of boundaries as world be ours

to indulge flights of fantasy

in scandalous spectacles

of incendiary acts of flesh

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,

it be in rituals of those seeking treasure

in the dark that root of mine

discovers exotic rose in garden

fertile in moisture as burst arrives

to time with enraptures of thine struggle

in act momentous as our worship

Black Rose of my Mar Vaglia,

ever tender flower of thine affections

for our adorations as rose of desire

joins our ways in to one life of bliss

for us to spend days of joy

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