The fall is upon me with shades on to colors

fading from bright on to pallid flavors

ever of this crisp season to refresh air of nature

whilst bringing new energy on to my desires

as does my angel who likewise does take

on the form of the change

My angel in mane of gold does capture the leaves

of the time of year which turn to lovely tones of color

as winds of cool bring about end to summer’s green

to transform all to riches of multihued plenty

My angel taking on warmth from spirit ever bountiful in emotions as does autumn

to range from russet of foliage to crimson dark in passions of my Joannuszka

encountered in flowers dried by arrival of new summer to be dubbed Indian

My angel in lady’s summer encompasses fashion

of alteration as surroundings colorful

adorning my Joannuszka in wears of elegance

decorating her from cascade of yellow curls

as she descends to vision of loveliness

of the season of dormant environment

My angel cometh as candle of ardent fervor

in season of falling leaves and chestnuts

to hurl on ground from trees

my angel in eyes of tenderness

nay to expire as roses of summer

be as lantern on to evenings come early

as affections of my Joannuszka

be not quiescent for her Slisznuszek

as flora and fauna wishing season’s slumber

My angel’s paradise be shelter on to my affections

as nippy winds of October journey over land

My Joannuszka as cider of apples to warm

whilst cold rains of November cause nay refrain

in adoration of us captured in the other

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